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Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo 2025

April 19, 2025 - April 20, 2025

Solo rider on climb in Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo

The 2025 event date is not confirmed - Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo is a Gran Fondo National Series event, producing some of the best US cycling events. Picked as one of the best road cycling events in the Southeast, the Georgia course offers one of the most challenging courses in the series, crisscrossing the Appalachian Trail over big mountain gaps and secluded mountain roads around Helen, Georgia.  Helen is a unique mountain town styled in a Bavarian theme. About two hours from major airports in Atlanta, GA, and Greenville, SC, Helen is adjacent to the beautiful Unicoi State Park, packed with family fun. Experience Southern hospitality with a Bavarian twist! Compared to other GFNS events, a smaller peloton helps create a tight-knit family atmosphere on the road and at the post-ride party with North Georgia BBQ.  The routes are stunning (see details below) wind through National Forest lands and crest big mountain gaps with spectacular views of the vast National Forest lands.

Gran Fondo National Series

Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo is the second leg in the prestigious Gran Fondo National Series, established in 2012 and comprising 10+ European-style rides/races staged in the United States. Every GFNS event offers courses covering 30, 60, and 100-mile journeys through some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain in endurance sports.  Timed sections allow riders to compete in specific course segments, while casual cyclists can ride at their own pace. Participants can ride as individuals or on teams. GFNS awards special prizes to the top riders in every age and gender category. Each rider is assigned an electronic timing chip to keep track of their progress throughout the course and to allow riders to compete for the best time through highlighted sections.

For the most competitive cyclists, the series partnered with USA Cycling to bring the one-day Gran Fondo National Championship into the portfolio of official USA Cycling National Championship events. The event is held annually, and a national championship jersey and medal are awarded to the overall winner in each Gran Route age group category. The USA Cycling Gran Fondo National Championship event will be held at Gran Fondo Maryland, in Frederick, Maryland, on September 15, 2024.

Riders must qualify to compete in the National Championship category by meeting specific criteria, including results and rankings in Qualification Events. However, all riders are welcome to participate in Gran Fondo Maryland and ride any of the normal Maryland Gran Fondo routes (Gran, Medio, and Piccolo), regardless of qualification status.

GFNS-owned events include Gran Fondo Florida (Dade City FL - March 17), Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo (Helen GA, April 21), Highlands Gran Fondo (Butler NJ - June 2), Gran Fondo Asheville (Asheville NC - July 14), Boone Gran Fondo (Boone NC - Aug 4), and Gran Fondo Maryland (Frederick MD, Sept 15).  Gran Fondo Maryland doubles as the USA Cycling Gran Fondo National ChampionshipPartner events include Cheaha Challenge (Jacksonville AL - May 18-19), Vermont Gran Fondo (Bristol VT - June 29), Cache Gran Fondo (Logan UT - July 13), Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb - Gran Fondo (Idaho Springs, CO - July 20), 719 Ride (Colorado Springs - July 20), and Virginia’s Blue Ridge Gran Fondo (Fincastle, VA - Oct 13).  All GFNS races consistently rate among the Best Road Cycling Events in the SoutheastNew EnglandRockies / Colorado, and Southwest / California

Race GFNS E-Fondo's On Zwift

If you are looking for virtual races/events to kick off your 2024 season indoors, GFNS has produced the first eSports cycling competition to feature timed segments; the series leverages Zwift’s proven e-sports platform to recreate SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series’ timed-segment competition format in a virtual environment.  Eight events are running on consecutive weekends in January and February.  The events are free to participate and offer the chance to qualify for the Gran Fondo National Championship.  You can see the full line-up and get all the relevant details here.

Event & Course Info

The Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo routes are difficult to ride unsupported because the roads are remote and stores are few and far between.  This event allows you to ride these marked confidently and marshaled courses, supported by law enforcement, safety motos, mechanic and sag vehicles, and staffed feed stations. As is customary GFNS events, there are three events to choose from Gran, 90 miles and 9,000 ft elevation gain; Medio, 66 miles and 6900 ft elevation gain; Piccolo, 25 miles and 1700 ft of elevation gain.  

Timed sections allow riders to compete in specific course segments, while casual cyclists can ride at their own pace. Participants can ride as individuals or on teams. Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo awards special prizes to the top riders in every age and gender category. Each rider is assigned an electronic timing chip to keep track of their progress throughout the course and to allow riders to compete for the best time through highlighted sections.

The Gran Fondo Florida features timed-segment racing, where only specific segments of the race are timed, and your placement depends on your performance in these segments. The top 3 finishers in various categories will be celebrated and awarded, with Gran Route age group winners receiving custom kits from Suarez. New for 2024, you'll receive an event-specific custom jersey from SUAREZ Cycling Apparel when registering at least 26 days before a Gran Fondo National Series-owned event!  There will be event-specific jerseys for Gran Fondo Florida, Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo, Highlands Gran Fondo, Gran Fondo Asheville, Boone Gran Fondo, and Gran Fondo Maryland. After the ride, participants can enjoy food and local libations and hang out for the GFNS prize raffle, offering over $5000 in prizes from series sponsors. Any rider who completes a GFNS event and is present at the event will be eligible for a raffle with great prizes from the sponsors:

Area Accommodations & Things to Do

Nestled in the embrace of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Helen, Georgia, is a picturesque town known for its Bavarian-inspired architecture and natural beauty. To fully immerse yourself in the charm of this alpine haven, choosing the right place to stay is paramount. Here are three top-notch accommodations that offer a blend of comfort, scenic beauty, and a touch of rustic allure. Embrace the warmth of Bavarian hospitality at the Black Forest Bed & Breakfast. This charming retreat captures the essence of Helen's alpine ambiance with its timber-framed architecture and cozy interiors. The welcoming hosts ensure guests feel like cherished visitors, offering a delightful mix of comfort and personalized attention. The Cozy Cottage Cabin Rental is a perfect choice for those seeking a more secluded and private escape. Tucked away in the embrace of nature, these cabins offer a rustic yet comfortable retreat. Surrounded by the tranquil sounds of the forest, you'll find serenity and simplicity at its finest. Little Andy Mountain Cabin is the epitome of a home away from home in Helen. This mountain retreat offers a perfect blend of comfort and convenience. Whether sipping coffee on the porch or unwinding by the fireplace, this cabin provides a welcoming haven for your Helen getaway.

Helen, Georgia, beckons visitors with its scenic beauty and delightful dining options. Here are three restaurants that stand out as culinary gems, offering diverse flavors and a welcoming atmosphere. Cowboys & Angels Restaurant seamlessly blends Southern hospitality with Western flair. This dining establishment in the heart of Helen captures the essence of the South while infusing it with the spirit of the Wild West. Bigg Daddys Restaurant & Tavern is a cornerstone of culinary excellence in Helen. This establishment takes comfort food to a new level, infusing familiar favorites with creative twists. In the true spirit of Helen's Bavarian influence, Hofbrauhaus Restaurant is a testament to authentic flavors and cultural immersion. With a menu inspired by traditional Bavarian cuisine, this restaurant allows guests to experience the rich culinary heritage that defines the town.

Related Events

The National Series Championship beckons as the ultimate accolade for riders fueled by ambition and a love for the open road. The championship is not handed out lightly; it is earned through grit, determination, and standout performances across a trio of renowned Gran Fondo events. Embrace the allure of Highlands with the Highlands Gran Fondo, where riders navigate through stunning mountainous terrain, earning their place in the championship ranks. Asheville's beauty unfolds for cyclists during the Gran Fondo Asheville, combining mountainous climbs, scenic vistas, and the cultural charm of North Carolina. The Golden Gran Fondo promises a taste of Colorado's cycling paradise, where riders chase excellence amidst the Rocky Mountain backdrop. Participants who undertake the challenge of at least three of these Gran Fondo events embark on a journey that transcends individual rides. It's a commitment to excellence, a test of endurance, and a celebration of the diverse cycling landscapes that define each event.

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