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Moab Rocks (MTB Race)

April 6, 2024 - April 8, 2024

Brought to you by Transrockies Race Productions, who first brought mountain bike state racing to North America in 2002, Moab Rocks is an early spring classic multi-day event at one of the most revered and legendary mountain bike destinations in the world.  Moab Rocks are part of the Transrockies Race Series and rated by Strambecco as one of the best MTB events in the Southwest.

Whether you’re a pro looking to jumpstart your race season or a weekend warrior with your sights set on finishing with a smile, Moab Rocks are three days of racing that will leave you wanting more! Over three fully supported stages—covering 76 miles (123km) and 7,800 feet (2,400m) of elevation—you’ll race on legendary trails like Porcupine Rim and modern classics like Klondike and Mag 7. In all, it’s a fraction of what the  Moab area has to offer, but only the best routes make the cut.  This is a race, a festival, a family-friendly vacation, and an adventure all rolled into one.

For more than 30 years—going as far back as mountain biking started—trail builders have spent thousands of hours carving out singletrack in the red dirt and on the red rocks that have made Moab famous. The result is one of the world’s most extensive and unique trail systems.  Moab Rocks takes you on a bucket-list adventure over some of the best riding Moab offers. Each stage is an adrenaline-filled case study of the area’s unique terrain and singletrack.

Stage 1 – Porcupine Rim

Stage 1 will put your skills and grit to the test on Porcupine Rim, a Moab classic that’s been around for decades, and as a testament to those early trail builders, it remains a rider favorite to this day. Beginning at the Grand County High School in the heart of Moab itself, stage 1 is an old-school classic from start to finish. It consists of one big climb followed by one thrilling descent! You’ll begin with a paved climb through town, and after approximately 3.7 mi (6km), the pavement turns to a double track, where you’ll settle in for another 10 mi (16km) of climbing on Sand Flats Road.  At the top of the climb, at 13.7 mi (22km), an inviting aid station awaits. As does the beginning of Porcupine Rim proper—a rowdy 9 mi (14km) descent full of rocky steps, drops, and breathtaking views of the Castle Valley below. This legendary descent will surely put a smile on your face and leave you itching for stage 2.  The entire route is 22.5 miles and 3,400 feet of elevation gain.

Stage 2 – Klodike Bluffs

After initiation into Moab racing on Porcupine Rim, you’ll move on to stage 2 at Klondike Bluffs. More of a modern classic, Klondike Bluffs is a singletrack wonderland full of flow, rock steps, slickrock, fantastic descents, and of course, Moab’s signature red dirt.  You’ll begin stage 2 on gravel—but soon transition to singletrack on Dino Flow. At 13.4 mi (21.5km) in, you’ll come across the first aid station where you can stock up before taking on Mega Steps, the biggest climb of the stage. The climb is well worth the effort, as stunning views of the often snow-capped La Sal Mountains in the distance are your reward!  Once over the top, you’ll descend along the northern edge of the riding area on the aptly named Alaska and Homer trails toward the second aid station at 18.3 mi (29.5km). As you begin the home stretch back to the finish line, this will be a welcome refueling point.  The entire route is 25.5 miles with 2,170 feet of elevation gain.

Stage 3 – Mag 7

Short for Magnificent 7, Mag 7 is one of the newer riding areas around Moab. It’s fast, fun, and technical and will be your home base for stage 3.  The start line is in the parking area near the beginning of Gemini Bridges Road, and once the gun goes off, you’ll make your way on this gravel road toward the popular Arths Corner trail. Arths is short but sweet and ends at the day’s first aid station at 7.5 mi (12km). Once through the aid station, you’ll climb up Getaway (lower, middle, upper, and top) to the high point of the stage at 5,700 ft (1,750m) and aid station #2.  From there, it’s (almost) all downhill to the finish as you take on the fast, fun, and moderately technical descent known as Bull Run. Aid station #3, at 19.3 mi (31km), will be waiting at the end of Bull Run, and then it’s onto the rocky flow of Great Escape and Goldbar before retracing your steps on Gemini Bridges Road back to the start/finish line.  Warning: It may be hard to keep your eyes on the trail during this stage. There are amazing views of Gemini Bridges, Bull Canyon, and the La Sal Mountains around almost every turn—a truly magnificent end to three incredible days of racing!  The total route is 28.5 miles with 2,300 feet of elevation gain.

The field is capped at 350 racers, and the event commonly fills up early.  The Transrockies Race Series is a unique multi-sport event series spanning Road cycling, MTB, and Trail events throughout North America.  Many of their events are multi-day and take place in spectacular destinations.  Strambecco covers several of their events, including the Moab Gran Fondo and the TransRockies Gravel Royale.


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