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Tahoe Trail

July 15


The Tahoe Trail is a premier endurance mountain bike race in the scenic and the high-altitude Sierra Nevada mountains. This is a Leadville Race Series event and qualifier for the famed Leadville Trail 100 MTB.  Straddling the borders of Nevada and California, the Sierra Nevada is a mountain biker’s dream. The Tahoe Trail 100 offers athletes a 2-loop, 50-kilometer course filled with beautiful views of Lake Tahoe. Rocky summits and breathtaking pine forests are found in every direction from the host location of Northstar, California

Riders can either go solo and complete the 50k loop or go bigger and do a solo two-lap, 100k mountain bike ride. The other option is to do a relay and partner up with someone to do a 50k lap each. One lap of the course is 31.2 miles and gains a sizable 4,491’ feet in elevation. Lap two has a 500’ less gain as you do not have to return to the start gate. Something important to keep in mind is that this course is at altitude! The lowest point is over 6,100’ feet, so it is important to be prepared for the lack of oxygen if you are training at sea level. Arriving a few days before to increase some red blood cell numbers is a big Strambecco recommendation!

The Tahoe Trail is a Leadville Qualifier!! For those who are unaware of the Leadville Trail 100 MTB; it is one of the most famous and grueling mountain bike races in the world. To race in Leadville, you need to qualify, and the Tahoe Trail is one of those qualifiers. To get a spot and a right-to-race Leadville, riders must finish two laps of the course in less than 8 hours and 15 minutes. If you have no interest in Leadville, that is not a problem, as the Tahoe Trail is a completely independent race, and you can have a fun time racing without any intention of wanting to race in Leadville. 

The Tahoe Trail is produced by the excellent event organizer Life Time Events. Lifetime is one of the big players in the mountain bike/gravel/ cycling space and runs some of the top events in the country, such as Unbound Gravel, Sea Otter Classic, Wilmington Whiteface, and more.

The Tahoe Trail is one of the Leadville Race Series events run by Life Time Events. These races are all long-length endurance mountain bike races, which are each amazing in their own right and are Leadville qualifiers. 

The Leadville Race Series Events include:

The Tahoe Trail is an excellent endurance mountain bike race on some premiere trails in Northstar, California. By all means a top event in the country and highly recommended by the Strambecco editors. Happy pedaling!


Route map for 2022 Tahoe Trail 100 by Michael Melley on plotaroute.com


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