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Gravel Worlds

August 25 - August 26


Celebrating its 14th annual Gravel Worlds in 2023!  Testament to the quality of the event, Garmin is the title sponsor, and Strambecco rates the event among the Best Midwest Gravel Events. The organizers are known as the Pirate Cycling League and proudly stick to their original grassroots vision for the event:  Friends and Family coming together to ride bikes.  The Pirates started as a group of friends in 2008 who loved riding and just wanted to play bikes without all the rules.  Like kids on a playground, they made up the rules own rules together:  No Categories, no officials, no prize money, just bumping elbows, bleeding lungs, blown up legs, with beers and stories at the finish.  Fast forward, and the game has grown to fit all the people who want to come to play.  There are some rules and officials now, but the event stays true to its roots of just having fun playing bikes.  Whatever the challenge you are looking for, you’ll find an option.

Gravel Worlds 150:  The pirates chart a route of approximately 150 miles and over 10,000 ft of climbing – adventuring through the rural farmlands of Southeastern Nebraska. World Championship jerseys are up for grabs in all categories.  Males and Female win the title of Captain of the Gravel Seas, World Champions Jersey, and Pirate Sword Trophy.

Privateer 75:  Not wanting to walk the full plank? Plunderous nonetheless, the shortened course will test the mettle and give no quarter. They are plotting a (roughly) 75-mile voyage with 5,000 ft of elevation with checkpoints and high-seas refueling opportunities. Trophies are awarded to all categories.

Buccaneer 50k:  The Buccaneer is a 50 km event for those that want to get their feet wet in the world of gravel. This is a non-competitive event. The 31- mile route will stay closer to the Fallbrook Neighborhood with some rollers (about 2,000 ft of elevation) and one checkpoint stop along the route.

Long Voyage 300:  The Ultimate Challenge for the Ultimate Pirate. The Long Voyage is for those extra crazy Pirates who think 150 miles of rolling gravel seas isn’t enough. This is the ultimate Nebraska Grass-Roots Gravel challenge! This challenge will push the individual in body, mind, and spirit like a few challenges on earth.  Over 300 miles of constant rolling hills will amass over 15,000 ft of elevation on the journey. 100% self-supported, the only oasis riders will find on this voyage will be from public gas stations and water stops provided by the Pirate Cycling League.

Land Ho Run Series:  50k, 25k, or 10k!  Land Ho was added for our many pirate friends that prefer to explore the Gravel Seas by foot instead of by bike.  Almost 100% gravel and dirt roads, this will be an adventure like no other. Fully self-supported like our other events, runners will navigate the Nebraska gravel seas with aide stations provided by the Gravel Worlds crew.

The following routes from prior years are illustrative only.  The Pirates will announce the official 2023 routes closer to the event date.  Event registration is open.

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